Branded Ingredients

In a dietary supplement industry dominated by commodity products, innovative, science-supported raw materials are hard to find. Truly novel ingredients take enormous investments of time, energy, and capital to research – and years to develop. TSI is dedicatedto introducing the world's most trusted, evidence-based original nutraceutical ingredients, ensuring the efficacy of your products and helping set you apart from your competition.


PEAK ATP® is a patented, clinically researched nutraceutical ingredient identical in structure to actual human ATP. It is the only form of oral ATP delivery shown to enhance athletic performance and recovery, improve well-being, and support healthy aging, through two proposed mechanisms of action: increasing muscle excitability and blood flow.*

Recent studies at a 400-mg daily dosage have shown that PEAK ATP® increases muscle strength and training volume during repeated high-intensity exercise, while reducing muscle fatigue.*


The world's most comprehensive line of vegetarian and vegan glucosamine sulfate, GlucosaGreen is equivalent in composition to shellfish-derived glucosamine, but is suitable for vegetarians, people allergic to shellfish, and those following a Kosher diet.

Manufactured using patent-pending technology, GlucosaGreen is available in three salt forms (d-glucosamine HCl, d-glucosamine sulfate 2KCl and d-glucosamine sulfate 2NaCl), all of which are in compliance with the respective USP monographs.


The PUREFLEX family of pharmaceutical-grade glucosamine and chondroitin ingredients was developed in response to the pressing need for pure, unadulterated glucosamine and chondroitin raw materials.

According to a recent article published on, "Chondroitin remains one of the most adulterated dietary supplements on the shelf." Produced in TSI cGMP-approved facilities, PUREFLEX is never adulterated, 100 percent traceable, and carefully processed without the need for irradiation or chemical sterilization.


Promilin® is a proprietary bioactive complex of amino acids extracted from fenugreek that shows remarkable promise in the areas of sports nutrition, weight management and glucose/insulin management.* Clinical research has shown that Promilin® promotes glucose-induced insulin release, encourages the body to use insulin more efficiently, helps to clear glucose and insulin from the bloodstream, helps to increase glycogen resynthesis in muscle to improve recovery time, may assist in the transport of glucose to skeletal muscle and may reduce body fat potential.*

MSV 60®

MSV 60® – a patented, standardized extract of the biologically effective compound of magnesium salvianolate B derived from the Chinese herb Dansheng – has been shown to enhance cardiovascular function in research conducted at the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, a unit of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.* It works by increasing coronary circulation, enhancing heart muscle strength and reducing blood platelet aggregation.* TSI was awarded a U.S. patent in 2001, which allows us to exclusively process the most advanced, standardized extract of Dansheng.

It works by increasing coronary circulation, enhancing heart muscle strength and reducing blood platelet aggregation.

Rusperin C™

Rusperin C™ is composed of two proprietary ingredients – butcher's broom extract and hesperdin methyl chalcone – plus vitamin C.

Rusperin C™ is composed of two proprietary ingredients – butcher's broom extract and hesperdin methyl chalcone – plus vitamin C. Multiple clinical studies have shown it improves venous circulation – alleviating discomfort, cramping and a feeling of heaviness in the legs, while reducing ankle circumference.* Rusperin C™ works by reducing the diameter of veins, reducing blood stasis and lessening vessel permeability to prevent fluid leakage into tissues.*


Scientifically known as ipriflavone, an isoflavone, Ostivone® has been shown in clinical studies to maximize bone density and inhibit bone loss.* Research has shown that Ostivone® and calcium have a synergistic effect; the combination of nutrients results in significantly greater bone mineral density than calcium alone.* Ostivone® does not have hormonal effects, and long-term safety research confirms it is safe and effective.

OPTEAVA™ Green Tea Extract

Derived from select Chinese tea leaves, OPTEAVA® is a line of premium-grade green tea extracts. A powerful antioxidant, green tea is reported to support cardiovascular health and may enhance thermogenic activity, thus aiding weight maintenance.* OPTEAVA® green tea extracts consistently achieve high levels of polyphenol catechins – and especially high levels of EGCG – considered the active nutrients responsible for the pharmacological efficacy of green tea. Opteava green tea extracts are manufactured in a TSI-owned cGMP facility, specially designed to produce various extract grades.

Gingko 24/6/5™

Far surpassing the purity levels of most competitors, Ginkgo 24/6/5 is not only standardized to contain 24 percent gingko flavone glycosides and 6 percent terpene lactones, but is guaranteed not to exceed 5 ppm of the toxic compound ginkgolic acid.

Gingko 24/6/5 is processed to concentrate the most active gingko principles, while limiting the amount of ginkgolic acid to be in line with European pharmaceutical standards. And while gingko extracts are frequently adulterated with rutin in order to artificially raise the flavone glycoside level, Gingko 24/6/5never is, as verified by our own in-house HPLC testing.